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Funded Projects

The Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation and its partnering donors have made some wonderful things happen for a number of healthcare projects & initiatives at Holy Rosary Healthcare and across eastern Montana. There's a wonderful feeling in knowing you're making a difference in the lives of others.

Campus Beautification

gazeboThe Holy Rosary Healthcare campus includes our beautiful $25 million building that sits on 58 acres. Over the last several years, Holy Rosary has invested significantly in creating a comforting and healing environment inside and outside of our building. Generous Foundation donors have played an important part in developing and enhancing the Chapel courtyard, extended care gardens, and landscaping near the campus and building entrances, but much work remains. In the future, we're interested in adding a well-lit, paved exercise path near the outskirts of our campus so people have a safe and inviting place to exercise. We're also interested in adding a duck pond and fountains near high-traffic areas of campus so the outside environment on campus is of equal caliber to the many special things that happen inside the walls of Holy Rosary Healthcare every day.

Cancer Clinic Remodel

The Holy Rosary Healthcare cancer clinic provides essential care to a high number of patients every year.  In 2006, the Foundation and our donors assisted with an extensive remodeling to make this a very comfortable place to be.  Leather chairs, lamp-lighting, water features, and other aesthetic enhancements provide a posh and inviting environment for our cancer patients.

Diagnostic Imaging Center

The diagnostic imaging center at Holy Rosary Healthcare is one of the busiest departments on campus.  Mammograms, CT scans, MRIs, Dexa Bone Density Scans, Nuclear Medicine exams, Ultrasounds, and x-rays are all performed in this area.  To make this area a more enjoyable place to be, full-color skylights have been added throughout the department as lens covers to the more traditional fluorescent lights.  Patients and their families love the change.

Millie & Ken Hom Nursing Scholarship

milliekenhomcontentThis endowment scholarship program was established in 2005 by Mr. Ken Hom to honor his late wife, Millie, a true pioneer for nursing education. Each year, a $2500 scholarship is awarded to an individual with eastern Montana ties who is pursuing his/her nursing education. Any donor who is interested in assisting with nursing scholarships may contribute any size gift to this endowment. As the endowment grows, the number and size of scholarships will also increase.


The hospice program at Holy Rosary Healthcare continues to touch more and more families with their high level of care and compassion. Through the years, the Foundation and our donors have played a key role in developing the program. A few years ago, a beautiful home was purchased to provide a comfortable place for hospice patients and their families to stay if they have no other place to stay (ie: if they are from outside of Miles City). In 2007, a room on the Holy Rosary Healthcare campus was completely remodeled into a home-like environment to allow for care for those patients who need to be onsite without having a traditional hospital-room feel. The hospice team continues to have many additional ideas for growth of their program and the Foundation will certainly play an important role in that growth.

Medical Explorers

Medical Explorers is a Foundation project started in 2005 when high school students were invited to job shadow healthcare professionals on a monthly basis to become more familiar with various career opportunities. We quickly learned that college students and working adults were just as interested in exploring medical careers and also wanted to be part of the program. Today, the program invites people of all ages to spend one-on-one time with Holy Rosary employees in career areas of interest to learn about the educational requirements, programs/colleges offering training, skills to be successful in the position, work involved on a typical day, and other insightful information that will help them determine their best career path. This has been a terrific program and one we look forward to continue offering to the people of eastern Montana.

Pediatric Hospital Room

A hospital room isn't the ideal place to spend time, particularly if you're a child.  That was the case until  you were in the completely re-designed pediatric room at Holy Rosary Healthcare.  Fossil Development, a long-time donor to the Foundation, funded this project in its entirety.  Hospitalized children and their families now enjoy a comfortable and colorful room with "bright, blue skies", age-specific games, comfortable furnishings, and colorful surroundings.  This project is another great example of how the Foundation and our donors are taking the average and make it extraordinary.

Satellite communication for EMTs/Ambulances in eastern Montana

In 2007, we purchased satellite telephones for the EMTs and ambulance services in several eastern Montana communities.  In the past, they relied on cellular telephones to communicate between the ambulance and the ER during patient transports.  Because of inconsistent cellular service in many areas in the region, that provided an inconsistent means of communication during critical time.  The new satellite telephones alleviate that problem and allow for reliable communication to provide optimal patient care at all times.


Seventy-four percent of children in eastern Montana are without dental care which often results in a lack of regular dental care for a majority of children in our region. In 2005, the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation partnered with many generous donors to begin bringing the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile to Miles City to provide complete dental services to children who met set income guidelines on a regular basis. Since then, 500 children from our area have received dental care - this is care that likely wouldn't have been received without the SmileSavers program -- at no cost to them thanks to our many wonderful donors. We look forward to offering this program into the future with the help of financial gifts we receive on an ongoing basis.

State-of-the-art cardiac monitoring equipment in the ER

The Holy Rosary Healthcare ER provides care to approximately 5,000 patients every year. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in Montana. The Foundation and our donors invested over $34,000 to purchase new state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring equipment for the Holy Rosary ER. We're excited about this investment as it continues to take quality healthcare to the next level in eastern Montana.