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Spirituality in the Workplace

For Holy Rosary, creating sacred spaces and places is integral to who we are. We encourage and expect spirituality in our work spaces through the use of prayer, reflection and ritual throughout Holy Rosary Healthcare and the SCL Health System.

The current focus on spirituality in our work is based on several underlying premises:

  • Many associates desire to bring their soul to work, not to dichotomize body, mind and spirit.
  • Multiple faith traditions and a variety of expressions of spirituality mark our patient population and our work force.
  • The heritage and tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth lends itself to contemporary application.
  • There is richness in diversity. While we embrace inclusiveness, we remain true to our Catholic identity.
  • We recognize that environment enhances productivity.
  • Spirituality-based competencies are a part of the executive competency model.
  • Affiliates are engaged in values integration programs and processes.

Our working definition of spirituality includes: movement toward integration; relationship with self, others, God; meaning and purpose in life; awareness of resources within; and reliance and trust in a greater Power.

In order to ensure the integration of spirituality in the workplace, we must: act with intention; invite to awareness; frame the question; use ritual and storytelling; create sacred spaces; influence structures and processes; and select and develop leaders who are comfortable in this mission-driven, values-aligned environment.