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Patient Rights

HRHPatientRightsWe at Holy Rosary Healthcare are dedicated to providing you with the best possible healthcare. As part of this commitment to quality care, we want to make sure that you are treated with dignity and respect, and that you are given all the information you need to understand your condition and make decisions about your treatment. You have the right to participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care.

These components of care are known as your Patients Rights (Download a pdf version). In addition, there are some Patient Responsibilities that you have which can help all of us work together to ensure that you receive quality care.

Respectful Care ... All hospital staff should treat you with respect and courtesy. Your race, religion, sex or ability to pay will not affect the care you receive.

Complete Information ... Your doctor must give you complete and current information about your diagnosis, treatment and outlook for recovery in words that you can understand. If your doctor feels that you should not be given the information directly, it will be shared with an appropriate person who is close to you.

You have the right to know the name of the doctor in charge of your care.

Informed Consent ... Your doctor must give you information about any procedures or treatments before they are performed so that you understand what will happen and the risks involved.

You also have the right to know about other treatment options and side effects, as well as the consequences of no treatment.

Once the procedure or treatment has been explained and you understand and agree to it, then you must give your written permission. This is called informed consent.

Privacy ... All parts of your medical care, examination and treatment will be kept private. Any health professional not directly involved in your care must have your permission to be present.

Refuse Treatment ... You have the right to refuse treatment. Your doctor must explain the possible consequences of refusing treatment.

Receive Care ... The hospital must make every attempt to provide you with care based on the seriousness of your illness and the hospital's ability to treat you.

You have the right to expect quick response to reports of pain.

You may transfer to another facility if your doctor decides you are able to do so and has explained to you the reason for and other alternatives to the transfer.

Confidentiality ... All communication and medical records related to your care must be kept confidential.

Professional Relationships ... You have the right to information about relationships between your hospital and other institutions as far as your care is concerned. You have the same right to know about the professional relationships among the people who are caring for you.

Research Treatment ... You have the right to know about any research or experimental treatment that your doctor may make available to you. You may also refuse to participate in experimental care of you choose.

Continuity of Care ... You can expect that your doctor will tell you about your needs for follow-up care after you leave the hospital. You have the right to know what appointment times and doctors are available and where they are located.

Information About Your Bill... You have the right to look at and receive an explanation of your bill. This should include how much your insurance company has been billed and how much has been paid.

Hospital Rules ... You have the right to information about hospital rules and regulations that apply to your conduct as a patient.