Lab Check

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How is your health?  Stop in anytime, year-round, and receive our most popular health screenings at deeply, discounted prices.  Simply fast for 12 hours and then stop by the Holy Rosary Laboratory.  We're here and ready to serve you 7am-7pm weekdays and 8am-2pm weekends.

Lab Check is one of Holy Rosary's many solutions for preventive health.  Essentially, Lab Check offers several popular health screenings by analyzing patient's bloodwork to detect various illnesses and conditions. There are many reasons to check on the status of your health, even when you're feeling well.

Normal test results are important because they help establish your baseline for future comparison and give you an overview of your current health.

Family history - Screenings can help monitor risks based on your family history.
Illness prevention - Screenings may expose important information about risk factors that could affect your health. This information can help you and your doctor develop lifestyle changes.
Early detection - Health screenings can help you identify changes in your health even before symptoms occur. Early detection leads to early intervention and better chances at recovery.

Lab Check health screenings include:

General Health 

  • Complete Blood Count - $20
  • Comprehensive Panel - $30
  • Lipid Panel - $25
  • H. pylori (stomach ulcer bacteria) - $20
  • Mononucleosis - $20
  • Blood Type - $25
  • Sedrate - $10
  • Urinalysis - $15
  • Vitamin D level - $42

Diabetes Management

  • Glucose - $10
  • Hemaglobin A1C - $25

Thyroid Management

  • TSH - $30

Women's Health

  • Pregnancy Test - $20

Men's Health

  • Prostrate Specific Antigen (PSA) - $35

Ulcer Panel - $40.00

  • H. pylori (stomach ulcer bacteria)
  • Complete Blood Count

Access the online Lab Check Registration form

To learn more, call the Holy Rosary Lab Check Hotline at 406.233.2708.