Sports Medicine

Equipped with the top sports medicine experts in eastern Montana, Holy Rosary is able to provide care with a team-based approach. Our practitioners work closely with athletes, parent, and coaches to educate and provide individual, as well as team consultations. 

For Coaches

Holy Rosary administers individually-tailored conditioning programs, with a focus on optimizing personal performance, preventing injuries, and properly treating and rehabilitating incurred injuries.  If an athlete experiences repetitive injuries, or the same injury occurs in multiple athletes, trust the skilled experts at Holy Rosary to identify the cause and present a viable solution. Our involvement with each team and school may include interaction with the athletes, as well as visits during practice, conditioning, and during games. Plus, our sports medicine team is able to provide education and consultations with coaching teams, in an effort to enhance awareness of sports-related injuries.

For Athletes

Holy Rosary focuses on finding the right conditioning and training programs, with the dual purpose of maximizing performance and preventing injuries. Many local teams have made arrangements to work with our sports medicine practitioners to develop safe and successful conditioning, lifting and stretching regimens. Many athletes have taken advantage of Holy Rosary's Athletic Enhancement Program, a six-week course geared to boost athleticism and performance with intense conditioning. This program is offered multiple times throughout the year, however, enrollment is limited for highly individualized regimens.

When injuries do occur, the Holy Rosary sports medicine team is readily available to provide onsite assessment, treatment, and the necessary rehabilitation.

To learn more about sports medicine, call Amy Tooke or Rob Brugger at 406-233-2719, or toll-free at 800-843-3820.