Maternity Services

When you're having a baby, you want the best health care available: a skilled doctor, compassionate care from a skilled nursing staff, and a comfortable birth experience. At Holy Rosary Healthcare, we designed our maternity services with you in mind - from childbirth preparation to delivery to caring for your newborn. More lives begin at Holy Rosary Healthcare every year than any other medical facility in eastern Montana; there are many reasons parents choose Holy Rosary to bring their babies into this world.

A Comforting Environment

Our labor and delivery rooms, as well as post-partum rooms, are designed to provide a comfortable, homelike setting with the latest medical technology. We have created an environment that enables you to spend quality time with your baby before you leave the hospital. This is also your opportunity to learn about newborn care and practice your new skills with the help of our experienced nursing staff.

Specialized Care

Our labor and delivery nurses are specialists in childbirth, so they understand a new mother's special needs. Plus, our newborn nursery is staffed and equipped to provide the important care your baby needs.

Childbirth Classes

It's nice to have as much preparation as possible before the birth of your baby. That's why we offer childbirth education classes to make your experience - and transition to parenthood - a little easier. Topics will include stages of labor, breathing, and breastfeeding. Concerns about epidurals and pain relief will be addressed. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring questions for staff to answer.

The class is free and lunch is provided. Expectant Mothers should wear comfy clothes and bring a partner. To register for this class or receive more information contact Maternal Newborn at 406.233.2783 or check out our website for upcoming classes under Events.

For more information about our maternity services, please call 233-2600.