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Current Fundraising Efforts

A new year full of exciting projects to improve the healthcare experiences in Miles City are underway! We've rolled out (pun intended) our first initiative to hospital associates and now we want to share it with you! We need your help to bring staxi tranStaxisport chairs to Holy Rosary. There is a sample transport chair on display in the hospital lobby and it has been very popular with our visitors and associates. During the month of January, we are raising funds for these new patient transport chairs that will be located in the hospital, clinic and ER!

Traditional wheel chairs present a lot of issues for health care facilities and these eliminate nearly all of them! It's a project that will have massive impact on the community and be very visible from day one. We like that because it shows the kindness and generosity of the folks of Miles City and Eastern Montana and your commitment to providing safer patient care at Holy Rosary.

Donations can be made with check, cash , credit or debit card. All donors will be publicly recognized and donations are tax-deductible. If you'd like to donate, call us at 406-233-2604 or email. Thank you!

Here is an intro video that explains their benefits.